Madame Josephine

A modern salon full of history and experience, located at 19 Gilbert Place Adelaide, South Australia. Providing the most advanced techniques in care of hair and skin in a salon which has been described as second to none.

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Josephine Piazza

Born San Giacommo Di Lusiana Vicenza Italy. First Italian Woman to study in Paris at Ecole Technique Des Arts De La Coiffure Et Des Soirs De Beaute, 37 Rue Rousseau, Paris.

Madame Josephine opened salon in Thiene, “Salon Pozza”. At last report still being managed by Madame Josephine’s senior staff member.

Wanting to be reunited with mother, brothers and sister, Josephine and husband Egidio decided to migrate to Australia leaving Genoa on the refitted “Toscania”, arriving in Melbourne December 1949.

Madame Josephine’s reputation preceded her, and on her arrival in Adelaide, was immediately retained by Miller Anderson & Co, the most prestigious salon in Adelaide and on demonstrating her skills was asked to go on tour, an unheard of undertaking at the time. This was the foundation of her great reputation not only in South Australia, but the entire length and breadth of the land.

Acquiring the “Theatre Beauty Salon” was the next step in this great ladys career, not only in the development of style and technique, but also in the advancement and attainment of goals for her staff, always referred to as “my gels and boy”.

So strong was the influence of Madame Josephine that clients would refer to the salon, not as Theatre Beauty Salon, but as having been to Madame Josephine’s.

During this time not only “in house” demonstrations were carried out, but through the love of her profession Josephine devoted time in:

Being a foundation member of LCD. International Coiffure De Dames LCD., Director and life member. Foundation member of the Hair Fashion Council of South Australia. Foundation member of I.H.S. First female life member. The only South Australian to hold membership to “La Haute Chafer” Paris. Fashion Parades took on a new meaning when organized by Madame Josephine, not only the artistic side of the proceedings, but the meticulous attention to detail which make these extravagances not only a great artistic success but also a financial windfall for the charities mat were to benefit.

Checking through press releases it can be seen that “Madame Josephine” brought traffic to a standstill in Adelaide streets, and movie premiere’s commencement times altered so that passers by and theatre goers could appreciate the talents of this great lady.

With the sale of the “Theatre Royal”, it was time to change, build a new salon, the first “open space” salon in Australia, 20 years ahead of it’s time. Adelaide, no Australian women loved the ambience, a new era in crowd control as ladies waited to reach the salon proper.

Always demonstrating the latest techniques to fellow artists without cost or favour to them. Madame Josephine felt that this was the way for the advancement of the craft.

Demonstrating her artistic skills was only but part of this great lady for during her career at every federal convention attended “Madame Josephine” was on the DAIS not only as a guest artist but also as an international judge. Not only in Australia but all parts of the globe.

Loving her “Adelaide” it was with great pride that a centre spread of two pages was published of her work, New Salon, and also a screed on Adelaide in The World her own magazine DFZ being not only artist for Adelaide but Australia.

Attending the World Congress of La Haute Coiffure Paris is an honour in itself, but with her talent known, Madame Josephine was asked to demonstrate on the world stage. Paris was hers.

Antionne the master of the Art and mentor of Alexander De Paris appreciating Madame Josephine’s talent and charm asked Madame to be guest at the final dinner of La Haute Coiffure Congress. A great honour as only Paris reveres their great masters.

The artistic guild of Turin seeing Madame’s great work convinced her to demonstrate in this classic city where she was awarded a gold medal and honorary membership to their association.

Twelve years in the Theatre Royal, a change of name brought about by love and respect of clients and friends to Madame Josephine a new open space salon opposite the original for 22 years and then the salon in Gilbert Place which would incorporate all the ideas gathered over the span of this great career.

The talent, love and dedication of Madame Josephine lives.