Madame Josephine

A modern salon full of history and experience, located at 19 Gilbert Place Adelaide, South Australia. Providing the most advanced techniques in care of hair and skin in a salon which has been described as second to none.


Since inception Madam Josephine has leased premises on Mezzanine Level first at the Theatre Royal and then at the State Theatre, both of which were situated in Hindley Street. Now Madame Josephine is able to provide the most advanced techniques, in the care of hair and skin in her salon which has been described as second to none.

                         Madame Josephine's new Home in Gilbert Place

                       Madame Josephine's new Home in Gilbert Place

The salon which was previously rooms for a physiotherapist, “Australian Electronic Therapy Services”, although clean and clinical, had had little renovations carried out since the turn of the century. Madame Josephine having seen the potential of the sight with North-South lighting, which is essential for her beautician, in skin care and make-up and also for hair colouring, acquired the site which is in between the Pancake Kitchen and The Omelet Pan, and then commenced the task of the renovations, which were to take 12 months from inception to completion.

Although demolition of the existing building would have been less worrisome, Madame Josephine wished to contain the character of this section of Gilbert Place, which although being totally Adelaidean, is so cosmopolitan could be in any part of Europe – for this task a special kind of person had to be found who could marry old and ultra-modern, this person was found in Architect, Michael Feilder.

Plans, drawings, on site meetings, more drawings, more plans, structural changes, skylights of 12 metres, extra skylights and methodically Builder, Don Both completed his masterpiece, the Madame Josephine Salon.

From the commencement of the salon all possible fittings were to be South Australian, a point which Madame Josephine felt strongly on and from armor plated doors to oak trolleys, South Australian craftsmen were commissioned and the result a salon which is second to none.

Madame Josephine, being the first women Director of I.H.S. Australia, also holds numerous other Directorships, including LCD. and also being a founding member of the South Australian Hair Fashion Council. It’s delegate from Australia to the World Congress of Haute Coiffure in Paris at which she demonstrated. Madame Josephine was invited to Milan to show her expertise and there was awarded the highest award (a gold medal).

Proconat Skin Cream

Proconat Skin Cream


Proconat, a play on the words natural cosmetic products, are the cosmetics Madame Josephine has developed over the past 17 years. Being developed in South Australia for the harshness of our climate for the philosophy at Madame Josephine’s is “No-one need grow old – Look after yourself.

Madame Josephine is of strikingly youthful appearance, her figure dainty her skin flawless and she is dressed with a perfect elegance, her hair is unlaquered, soft and of a silvery beige colour – she strives for excellence expects it from those around her, and achieves it.

The greatest compliment coming from a young client who said “Madame, yours is the only salon I know that can make punk elegant”.